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About OpticTour

Through the power of OpticTour Interactive, we can greatly enhance your customer experience.

Just imagine if potential diners could read your menu, make a reservation, learn about your history, and so much more — and all within your actual Google 360 Tour, no less!

A concentrate of state-of-the-art technology, the innovation OpticTour Interactive offers is a unique and continuous evolution. It is a responsive extension of your Google 360 Tour that fits the smartest devices in an automatic way, and is structured for being compatible with every operating system available (including their mobile versions). 

The graphic and technological appearance of OpticTour Interactive is determined by various plug-ins which can be selected and associated to make your tour more engaging and successful by providing more information to your viewers, promoting your menu items, and so much more.

OpticTour Interactive is in continuous development, upgraded every day with new and lucrative tools. Through a simple and intuitive model, we can configure your virtual tour through a handy panel, customize particular elements, and animate panoramas with exclusive detail.

Want to see Optictour Interactive in action?


Through OpticTour Interactive, We Provide Your Restaurant With:

State-of-the-art Technology

OpticTour Interactive is a responsive platform that fits the smartest devices in an automatic way.

Advanced Navigation

Advanced navigation to display the best areas of your business in a single click.


Analytics that provide specific data on your tour’s visualization. This will allow you to monitor every kind of user interaction in real time, measure their actions, and evaluate their interest in each product or service presented within the tour.

Areas of Interest

Boundary (re: “smart”) hotspots that display your information whenever a visitor is looking at a specific area and requires no user interaction. This provides a seamless exploration experience for all your visitors. 

Request Information

By implementing a form, your users can request specific information about individual products. Doing so will create a database of potential customers, which provides your business with an effective lead-generation tool. 

Tour Rotation

Active Rotation puts a permanent spin on your tour when it is not being interacted with. This allows for your visitors to immediately realize your virtual tour is so much more than a single still image, making it appear more dynamic and realistic by creating a powerful visual impact.


Thanks to the share-button feature, OpticTour Interactive allows your visitors to share content relating to particular zones of your tour as well as points of interest and information on products and services. With HTML code, you can also publish your tour to Facebook, blog, or other relevant platforms in just a single click.

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