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How to activate your attraction factor for new patrons

The first step to any new relationship starts with you. In the physical world, that might mean your physical appearance, how you communicate and what you have to share.

                In your restaurant, that might mean a clean, appealing ambience, good signage and a daily special.

In the online world, that means your website, knowing your ideal patrons, offering something of value and keeping them entertained.

Stop to consider where you put your personal time and attention and you’ll discover it’s to the places that offer you a quality experience with engaging humor or entertainment. The same is true for your patrons.

                To amp up your attraction factor in business, it’s important to strike a balance between efficiency and entertainment. This will become a thread through every aspect of your restaurant – from advertising to social media, from signage to staff relations with customers.

                The key is to deliver it consistently and do it well because it’s one thing to get someone’s attention and another to compel them to take action on it.

And, of course, by setting the stage to attract them in through your website and social media, then delivering a predictably positive experience, you will keep your customers coming back.

                People are, by nature, creatures of habit. It is a core need to seek stability in a changing world; let your restaurant be that stability for your customers.

Consistently set up and follow through to deliver a positive experience for your customers through having an entertaining ‘personality’, good product and right pricing will not only keep them coming back but will encourage them to invite their friends too.

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